Friday, November 11, 2011


This card is the Frick to the Fracking gorgeous Shaw/Sutherland rookie that I wrote about in the previous post, and I scored it in the selfsame $65 deal.

Near as I can tell, Sandy here is part of the only father/son pair ever to play for the Mets, along with Hall-of-Fame offspring Roberto.

Sandy didn't exactly light it up in his brief tenure with the team. In 22 ABs that year, he logged a .000 OBP-- no hits, no walks, no nothing.

Well, he did score one run, presumably as a pinch runner, so he didn't leave Flushing empty handed.

This '67 card is even kind enough to tell us in a tacked-on note that Sandy was "sent to Jacksonville" on May 23...

He went on to have a thoroughly decent career as a middle infielder for the Angels, Yankees, and Rangers, retiring in '78. He logged 1,168 hits, over 1,000 of which were singles.

And who better to write about on 11/11/11 than an inveterate singles hitter?