Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Checklist cards are sublime.

They are the novelization of a Topps set.

As a kid, I loved to be able to read a list of all the cards in each new series, and damn right I’d fill in the little boxes with pencil marks when I got my “got its.”

In addition, if you had sussed out Topps’ mathematical shorthand, checklists gave you a quick way to view which stars were in a given series. Cards ending in 0 or 5 were generally established/upcoming stars, and the century cards were superstars. Here's a sampling from series 5:

530 Don Sutton
550 Brooks Robinson
555 Ron Santo
560 Pete Rose
595 Nolan Ryan
600 Al Kaline
620 Phil Niekro

Checklist cards are ridiculous.

Even if you acknowledged the beauty and utility of checklists, chances are that you were less than thrilled when you pulled your second, third, fourth iteration of the same card.

They had no trade value, and didn’t fit the template for most flipping games.

To be determined: whether it is sublime or ridiculous to actually own a PSA 9 checklist...

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