Friday, May 13, 2011


I like to take the last names of both guys on these two-player rookie cards and make of them one full name. So in this case we end up with “Dillon Locke.” Which is a totally cool name.

Dillon Locke drives a red Camaro. He's got a Blaupunkt in there, and a 100-watt amp.

You can always hear Dillon Locke coming.

The 1964 set is rife with two-player rookie cards-- here's the roster of names:

Nen Willhite
Ellis Queen
Alou Herbel
Priddy Butters
Britton Maxie
Howard Kreutzer
Ward Oliva
Gatewood Simpson
John Chance
Brumley Piniella
Boccabella Cowan
Bowens Bunker
Grote Yellen
Allen Hernstein
Shannon Fanok
Gibbs Metcalf
Conigliaro Spanswick
Fisher Gladding
Ferrara Torborg
McCool Ruiz
Ackley Buford
Woodward Smith
O'Donoghue Williams
Haas Smith
Stewart Burdette
Knowles Narum
Skeen Smith
Garrido Hart
Parker Werhas
Charton Jones
Green Monteagudo
Norman Slaughter
Carty Kelley
Bakenhaster Lewis
Briggs Cater
Mikkelsen Meyer
Salmon Seyfried
Knoop Lee
Alley McFarlane
Horton Sparma
Arrigo Siebler
Dickson Klaus
Duncan Reynolds
Bloomfield Nossek
Elliot Stephenson
Roof Niekro
Hertz Hoerner
Schurr Speckenbach
Kelley Siebert
Bennett Wise
McCabe McNertney
Gagliano Peterson
Gray Egan
Hinsley Wakefield
Gonzalez Moore

But are any of these as golden as Dillon Locke?

Ellis Queen? I think my grandmother used to read his mystery magazine.

Priddy Butters? Wasn't she in Candy Stripe Nurses with Robin Mattson back in the '70s?

Britton Maxie? That's the pad for days what have a heavy flow it is, guv.

Bakenhaster Lewis? That was Merriwether's dim brother, who set out to claim the “Specific Northsouth for the Unitated States” back in the early 19th Century. He was never heard from again.

McCabe McNertney? Divil' a man can say a word agin' him.

Still and all, I have to stick with my man Dillon...

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  1. Howard Kreutzer works in banking
    Shannon Fanok is heavily involved in the PTA
    Hertz Hoerner is a hotel magnate