Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Topps spent the better part of the '60s battling for the closet doors and bike fenders of the youth of America.

The company produced all manner of stamps and stickers, often as pack inserts but sometimes as regional test issues.

The 1968 Action All-Stars were one of the latter, and saw limited release in fully finished 10-cent wax packs.

Each pack contained three panels of stickers on relatively thick cardboard backing, with the panels connected by knobby perforations. The center panel in each three-panel configuration held a large sticker of a single player, while the top and bottom panels were comprised of three smaller player stickers, along with facsimile autographs for two of the three featured subjects.

The entire set was made up of 16 three-card panels-- beyond Swoboda, the Mets were represented by Tom Seaver, Bud Harrelson, and Ed Kranepool.

A truly particular collector will chase this set in its original unseparated form, but I actually prefer how the single panels present.

Now to crack this baby open and stick Pete Ward's face on my nearest notebook...

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