Tuesday, October 19, 2010


How did this happen to you, Jose Cardenal?

You couldn't be worth more than a couple of bucks in your NM 7 state, yet here you are, sealed in a thick slab of Beckett plastic.

Jose Cardenal, I'm pretty sure you're bulletproof now.

I really like the 1967 Topps set. Clean design, sharp pictures, and God's own typography on the card fronts. Eminently readable black text on a spearmint-green field on the backs. Groovy high numbers like Brooks Robinson, Rod Carew, and Tom Seaver.

Plus, posed photos like this one. Jose demonstrated respectable power in 1966 (16 HRs), but the man is not afraid to show you some bunt.

This card came to me as a ride along in an auction for another card of interest, but dammit Jose, you're wearing me down. My love for you is growing stronger every day...

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