Friday, December 17, 2010

1965 TOPPS METS TEAM #551 PSA 7.5

The various indignities on display on 1960s Mets’ team cards are generally reserved for the back.

On the front is a shiny blue team-- no apparent bumps and bruises, no uniform tops rent in anguish.

Heck, in their mien and demeanor they could be the Yankees.

But then you flip the card over, and read the list of absurd won/loss records, puny batting averages, and feeble power numbers.

Well, in 1965 (and again in 1966) Topps decided to display the order of finish on the card fronts. So all the world could see it there plain as day, with no need to flip the card over:


There's a good chance that we'll never again see numbers of the sort put up by Mets' pitchers from 1962 through 1965. It's worth basking in them a bit:

Roger Craig: 10-24, 4.51
Al Jackson: 8-20, 4.40
Jay Hook: 8-19, 4.84
Bob Miller: 1-12, 4.89
Craig Anderson: 3-17, 5.35

Roger Craig: 5-22, 3.78
Tracy Stallard: 6-17, 4.71
Jay Hook: 4-14, 5.48
Galen Cisco: 7-15, 4.34
Carl Willey: 9-14, 3.10
Al Jackson: 13-17, 3.96

Jack Fisher: 10-17, 4.23
Tracy Stallard: 10-20, 3.79
Al Jackson: 11-16, 4.26
Galen Cisco: 6-19, 3.62

Jack Fisher: 8-24, 3.94
Al Jackson: 8-20, 4.34
Warren Spahn: 4-12, 4.36
Tom Parsons: 1-10, 4.67

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