Thursday, December 9, 2010


No Ahab am I, but I do have some proverbial white whales that I chase with no real hope of ever landing:

1967 Topps Stand Up Ron Swoboda
1967 Topps Discs Cleon Jones
1968 Topps 3D Ron Swoboda
1970 Topps Cloth Gary Gentry
1970 Topps Candy Lid Tom Seaver

I don’t think this 1972 Cloth Frisella qualifies as a white whale, because it’s not really that hard to find.

Somewhere I have a photo of my dog standing in front of my bedroom door, and the door is covered with crusty Wacky Packages and misshapen 1972 Cloth stickers. And if I had access to these Cloths back in the day, they could not have been too scarce.

However, I did spend a fair amount of time looking for a graded version of this Frisella with the backing intact, and it felt like a steal for the $15 or so I paid.

I suppose I’d sharpen my harpoon again for a Jim Fregosi BP…

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