Friday, December 3, 2010


Topps Rep: Jim? Jim? Can I grab you for a couple of minutes?

Jim Beauchamp: Whuh?

TR: I’m with Topps and we’re working on the upcoming 1972 set. I just wanted to take your picture and ask you some quick questions for the back of your card.

JB: Dude, you’re with tops? Can you spinnnnn? Like this? (Does a clumsy pirouette, stumbles) Aw, man, my pointy shoes made me less spinny. Damn pointy shoes.

TR: Er, OK. No. Topps. T-O-P-P-S.

JB: Huhuhuhuh.

TR: What?

JB: Nothing.

TR: No, what?

JB: (Whispers) Dude, you said “peepee.”

TR: (Sighs) I guess you’re right. Jim, can you tell me a little bit about what you like to do in the offseason?

JB: Well, this winter, me and my old lady followed Brewer and Shipley up and down the East Coast. (Sings) “Sitting downtown in a railway station…” And, plus, we made Zeke.

TR: Zeke?

JB: Zeke. He’s our scarecrow. He’s the grooviest scarecrow in Grove, Oklahoma. But he won’t scare the crows, man. He’ll love the crows. Zeke is a love crow! Dude.

TR: Right. Anything else you’d like…

JB: (Interrupting) Cards! Oh man, baseball cards! What is the set going to look like?

TR: Well, the team names will appear in an arc at top of the card, with a 3D effect and lots of different colors, some pastels and some neons.

JB: Whoa!

TR: And the player names will appear in a little oval tablet at the bottom of the card, in all caps.

JB: Little oval tablet? Far out!

TR: Yes, Jim. We think the kids will “dig” them. Now if you don’t mind, can I get a couple of quick pictures?

JB: Sure, dude. One thing though: (Whispering) I’m kind of stoned right now.

TR: Don’t worry, Jim. No one will ever notice…

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